FIA Formula E Series and Kinetik become partners to see first autonomous motor racing series in 2016

On Friday, the FIA Formula E Series and Kinetik declared a partnership that is all ready to see the first autonomous motor racing series starting next year. The latest series are called ROBORACE, and will be on the footsteps of the all-electric FIA Formula E series in the the 2016-2017 season.... read more

Anthony Foxx: US will revise its self-driving car policy in coming weeks

According to an Associated Press report, US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx has revealed in a recent announcement that the country’s self-driving car policy will be revised in the coming weeks.

The imminent update which will soon be made to the US’ federal self-driving car policy is... read more

UAW-Ford Contract Finally Passes with Big Gains

United Auto Workers (UAW) talks finally wrapped up with Ford workers voted to approve a new agree late Friday. The deal ended with big gains. The process was so uncertain that no one was sure what’s going to happen until the last ballots were counted. The four-year agreement has been approved by... read more

Tesla issues voluntary recall of 90,000 Model S sedans for front seat belt issue

In an email dispatched to the owners of its vehicles on Friday, electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors said that it is issuing a voluntary recall of nearly 90,000 Model S sedans.

The reason behind Tesla’s decision to recall Model S sedans is that the company has received one report... read more

Tesla beefing up its self-driving car software

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk seems to be too excited about self-driving cars. On Thursday, he announced that they are strengthening up its self-driving software. The announcement can be an indication that Tesla is working on to launch a self-driving mobility service similar to the one being held... read more

UAW Agrees To Extend Contract with General Motors

The United Auto Workers (UAW) has agreed to extend its contract with General Motors Co. (GM). UAW has extended its 2011 contract until November 20, according to a Friday letter to UAW-GM local union presidents and chairpersons.

This exceptional move has come a week after the release of... read more

Ford will be first automaker to test its self-driving vehicle at Mcity campus

In a recent statement, the University of Michigan (U-M)’s Mobility Transformation Center has revealed that bigwig automaker Ford will be the first automaker to test its self-driving vehicle at the Mcity campus.

The Mcity campus is a 32-acre simulated urban and suburban automated and... read more

Toyota to buy back shares

Things have been going in the favor to Toyota Motor Corp, which has reported a rise in profit by 13% in the second quarter. Yen is not performing well, which has added an earnings momentum. Therefore, the company has announced about a share buyback.

The company’s net income in three... read more

Addition of automatic emergency braking in Five-Star vehicle safety ratings from 2018 models

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) wants to make the streets safer. Owing to it, the administration is including automatic emergency braking as a recommended auto safety technology in its five-star safety ratings. The automatic emergency braking will be applicable in the... read more

Google wants its autonomous cars to drive more carefully around children

Google wants its autonomous cars to be quite safe down the road especially around children. The company is making its autonomous cars smarter by equipping them with sensors and software that will them make the cars to drive more safely when around children.

On Saturday, an event was... read more

Nissan raises Full-year Net Profit Forecast by over 10%

Japan’s second-biggest automaker, Nissan Motor Co., has raised its full-year profit forecast by more than 10% after solid sales in the United States. The company announced on Monday that the full-year profit could be around 535 billion yen. The profit will be up about 17% from the last financial... read more

Car owners can tinker vehicle software without incurring some US copyright liability

Car owners and security experts can make small changes with automobile software without suffering some US copyright liability, as stated by the new guidelines that have been issued this month that had been conflicted by the auto industry.

Automakers such as General Motors Co (GM) and... read more


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