BlueStacks launches new version of BlueStacks App Player

Silicon Valley firm BlueStacks has announced the launch of a new version of its 2011-released BlueStacks App Player virtualization platform which enables users to play Android mobile apps/games on a Windows or Mac computer.

The latest version of the BlueStacks App Player mobile-gaming... read more

Volvo to accept all full liability for its cars in self-driving mode

In an official statement released recently, automaker Volvo has said that it will accept full responsibility in case its self-driving cars are involved in a crash.

Calling on regulators to quickly adapt to new ‘autonomous vehicle’ technology, Volvo said in its official statement that it... read more

Nintendo unveils super-sized version of Yarn Yoshi Amiibo

On Monday, Nintendo unveiled a super-sized version of its Yarn Yoshi Amiibo -- the new Mega Yarn Yoshi. Priced at $40, the giant Yarn Yoshi is the biggest Amiibo to be launched by Nintendo.

Amiibo’s are Nintendo’s toy figurines which use near field communication (NFC) technology for... read more

Apple introduces new ‘Pay Once & Play’ game category in App Store

Apple has recently introduced a new category – called ‘Pay Once & Play’ - in its App Store to showcase games. The new game category in the App Store includes a number of games which charge users a flat one-time rate for content, without any supplementary in-app purchases.

The... read more

Report: Serious gaps in security affect cars with wireless systems

A report scheduled to be released by the office of Senator Edward J. Markey (D- Massachusetts) on Monday has revealed the use of wireless technology in cars apparently results in serious gaps in security and customer privacy.

According to the report, nearly all vehicles equipped with... read more

Apple shutting down original TestFlight beta testing platform on February 26

Technology blog Mashable has revealed in a recent report that Apple is planning to shut down the original TestFlight mobile Web-based testing platform in February.

The report implies that Apple is shuttering the old TestFlight beta testing service which can be accessed through... read more

US court turns down Motorola’s price-fixing appeal

On Wednesday, the 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago rejected the price-fixing appeal filed by Motorola Mobility. The appeal chiefly underscored Motorola's attempts to sue several Asian electronics suppliers under US antitrust law over price-fixing allegations.

Chicago-based... read more

Tesla signs deal with China Unicom to build 400 charging stations in China

In an evident effort to promote its electric vehicles (EVs) to the massive and growing Chinese automobile marketplace, Tesla Motors has revealed in a recent announcement that it has signed a deal for setting up 400 new EV charging stations across China.

Reporting Tesla's announcement... read more

California leaders expect economic benefits from federal government’s EPA rules

Californian leaders are optimistic that the state's push to curb greenhouse gas emissions ahead of the federal government's recently proposed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rules will give the state an economic edge over others states of the nation.

The Obama administration on... read more

California hails Obama plan to cut carbon emissions

Californian authorities on Monday hailed the Obama administration's proposal to cut greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, and added that they would continue with the green energy plans to meet the targets.

The Golden State is already claiming a head start in the push to cut... read more

Ohio lawmakers clear bill that represents pushback on green energy

Ohio lawmakers on Wednesday passed a bill that would freeze the phasing-in of electricity/power that utilities must purchase from renewable energy sources.

The Ohio House of Representatives cleared the bill by 54-38 votes. It is now expected to be signed into law by Governor John R.... read more

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