Oracle’s Total Revenue fell by 6.3% to $8.99 Billion

Oracle Corp., the American computer hardware company, said that its cloud business has gained momentum in its latest quarter, but strong dollar badly affected its profit.

According to data compiled by Bloomberg, revenue of the company fell around 6.3% to $8.99 billion from a year earlier... read more

Janet Yellen Guides Federal Reserve in Its First Rate Rise in a Decade

Janet Yellen, the famous American economist, is helping out the Federal Reserve to carry out first rate rise in a decade. Yellen is approaching traditional economic models for introducing the change.

The 69-year-old economist argued on the point that the time is very near when there will... read more

Square Prices Its Initial Public Offering at Level Lower Than Earlier Indicated

Mobile payment startup Square Inc priced its initial public offering (IPO) at a level lower than what it indicated earlier. As per some analysts, the company’s debut on the stock exchange will help known how public markets will evaluate high-profile private startups.

Online dating... read more

Amazon to Hire 100,000 Employees for Meting Out Shortage of Staff in Holiday Season

In view of the increased requirement of additional staff amid the approaching holiday season, Amazon today announced its plans to hire nearly 100,000 employees.

The new employees will be given roles across the company's shipping warehouses and sorting centers in the U.S. Among these,... read more

Intuit stock declines after the company shares lower future earnings guidance

Intuit stock witnessed the highest decline in almost a decade after the company shared lackluster future guidance. Intuit declared earnings which were as per market expectations. The stock declined 13 percent, mainly due to cautious future guidance.

In New York stock market, Intuit... read more

US productivity increases in 2nd quarter

According to reports, US productivity increased at a moderate speed in the April-June quarter for the reason that growth increased and hiring continued to be steady. According to the Labor Department, worker productivity rose at a seasonally adjusted yearly rate of 1.3% that increased from a... read more

California home sales jump nearly 11% in June

Home sales in California jumped nearly 11 per cent month-over-month in June even as property prices reached seven-year highs, thanks to stronger economy and low interest rates.

According to stats released by research firm CoreLogic Inc., home sales jumped for the fourth consecutive month... read more

MoneyTree shows decline in San Diego venture capital funding

Venture capital (VC) investments during April-June period hit the highest quarterly level in fifteen years but the San Diego region's share tumbled by nearly 50 per cent, fresh stats published by MoneyTree revealed.

According MoneyTree, VC investments hit $17.5 billion nationwide in the... read more

Report highlights vast differences in affordable housing production among S.F. neighborhoods

The City of San Francisco added a total of 6,559 units to the list of its affordable housing between 2005 and 2014 and lost nearly 5,470 rent-controlled apartments during the same period of time, according to the city's latest Housing Balance Report.

The aforementioned figures showed that... read more

Drastic increases in gas prices troubling L.A. region motorists

Drastic increases in gas prices in Los Angeles amid a shortage of refined petroleum are causing unprecedented troubles for motorists in the region.

Dean Smith, a 54-year-old driver said he was feeling as "mad as hell" on Monday when he had to pay $4.65 for a gallon of gas at a 76 gasoline... read more

Obama clears hurdle in California’s way to offer state-run retirement program

President Barack Obama on Monday directed the U.S. Labor Department to make administrative changes required to allow California to proceed with establish a state-run savings & retirement program for private-sector workers.

The Labor Department will have to craft an exemption to enable... read more

California Gov.’s finance department opposes minimum wage hike bill

California Gov. Jerry Brown’s finance department has opposed a bill that aims to hike minimum wage from $9 to $11 an hour on January 1, 2016, and further increase it to $13 an hour a year later.

The California State Department of Finance said it was opposed to the bill because it would... read more


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