Asus partners with Adblock Plus to integrate ad blocking into its mobile browser

According to a Motherboard report released this week, laptop and smartphone manufacturer Asus has worked out a partnership with ad-blocking form Adblock Plus to offer ad blocking as standard on its mobile devices in 2016.

The report has revealed that, as a result of the partnership... read more

NHTSA reports 8th US Death linked to faulty Takata airbag inflator

One more person has died owing to a faulty airbag inflator. This is the eighth US death owing to the inflator, said the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Since April, it is the first reported death and ninth worldwide.

NHTSA has appointed John Buretta, a former official... read more

T-Mobile throttling video content and reducing quality: YouTube

Alphabet’s YouTube has blamed telecom operator T-Mobile for throttling its videos for mobile customers. T-Mobile recently introduced Binge On service for its customers and YouTube has claimed that T-Mobile is deliberately slowing down streaming of video content on its network. T-Mobile responded... read more

Google is testing new, password-free system for access to its services

On Tuesday, tech giant Google confirmed to TechCrunch that it is testing a new, password-free system to enable users to sign into the company’s services, like the popular Gmail email service.

According to the details shared by a Google representative, the new feature which Google is... read more

ASUS strikes deal with Adblock Plus to bring ad-blocking to its 2016 devices

In 2016, customers purchasing Taiwanese device manufacturer ASUS’ smartphones and tablets will have fewer ads rolled out on their devices, thanks to a deal which ASUS has struck a deal with one of the leading ad blockers, Adblock Plus.

As a result of the deal which ASUS has worked out... read more

Pivotal acquires European Cloud Foundry consultancy CloudCredo

In a Monday announcement, Pivotal -- the Palo Alto, California-based creator of the open-source Cloud Foundry app development platform -- revealed that it has acquired London-based Cloud Foundry consultancy CloudCredo.

CloudCredo is the leading European consultancy featuring in the Cloud... read more

LG to unveil robotic vacuum cleaner with AR technology at CES 2016

Bigwig South Korean device maker LG plans to show off its new robotic vacuum cleaner with augmented reality (AR) technology at the CES 2016 event to be held in January.

The robotic vacuum cleaner to be introduced by LG is called HOM-BOT Turbo+. The vacuum cleaner will unfold a novel... read more

Siberian man seeks 500,000 roubles from Bethesda for ‘emotional distress’ due to ‘Fallout 4’ addiction

A recent report published in the Russian-government-owned news publication RT has revealed that game developer Bethesda and its Russian localization crew are being sued by a Siberian man over his addition to the ‘Fallout 4’ game.

According to the RT report, a 28-year-old addicted ‘Fallout... read more

Blackberry to launch its latest android smartphone PRIV in 31 regions in next 3 months

Though experts have been giving mixed reviews about BlackBerry’s newly launched android phone, Blackberry PRIV, the company’s CEO John Chen is quite happy with the sales response so far. Chen has announced that they may launch a second high-end Android smartphone in 2016.

Chen has... read more

Microsoft delays Windows 10 Mobile upgrade until “early next year”

According to a VentureBeat report, software giant Microsoft has delayed the Windows 10 Mobile upgrade until “early next year.”

The report, based on the information shared by Microsoft spokesperson, implies that the company will not be able to deliver the Windows 10 Mobile upgrade to the... read more

Apple iPad Pro vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Specs and price comparison

Tech giants Apple and Microsoft have been touting their latest tablets – the iPad Pro and the Surface Pro 4 – as worthy replacements for traditional laptops, highlighting the fact that the tablets can pose a significant challenge to the power and performance of laptops.

The 12.9-inch iPad... read more

New 2016 Honda Civic -- the most advanced Civic ever

Bigwig automaker Honda’s newly designed 2016 Civic sedan -- which is the company’s 10th generation Civic model -- is a perfect passenger vehicle; marking the most advanced iteration of the Civic in the model’s 42-year history.

According to reviews, the new 2016 Honda Civic is a pleasant... read more