Motorola’s new ‘Moto X Force’ handset will hit UK stores in November

Motorola has unveiled a new top-end handset called ‘Moto X Force.’ The handset is scheduled to hit the UK markets in November; and will also be available in Australia.

According to Motorola, one of the most noteworthy features of the new Moto X Force handset – which is basically a better-... read more

Motorola will likely unveil two new Droid smartphones on Oct 27

Motorola and Verizon are set to introduce the 2015 lineup of Droid handsets at a forthcoming October 27 event to be held in New York City. The companies have already sent out the press invites for the special event.

Going by the indications from the press invitations, the 2015 lineup of... read more

Motorola, Verizon will announce two new DROID handsets at Oct 27 event

At a forthcoming product launch event scheduled to be held in New York on October 27, two new handsets in the DROID lineup -- the DROID Turbo 2 and the DROID MAXX 2 -- will be announced by Motorola and Verizon.

Going by the indications from the press invites sent out by Microsoft and... read more

Motorola Mobility to absorb Lenovo's mobile division

In a statement released to reporters, Chinese tech giant Lenovo's Mobile Group President Chen Xudong has revealed that the mobile division of the company is being taken over by Chicago-based device manufacturer Motorola Mobility.

Motorola Mobility was acquired by Lenovo from Google in... read more

Third-gen Moto G specifications leaked

A recently-released video and some leaked snapshots of Motorola's third-generation Moto G handset have revealed that the new 2015 Moto G is an attractive and capable smartphone, with an extremely affordable price-tag.

The leaks pertaining to the third-generation Moto G chiefly indicate... read more

US court turns down Motorola’s price-fixing appeal

On Wednesday, the 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago rejected the price-fixing appeal filed by Motorola Mobility. The appeal chiefly underscored Motorola's attempts to sue several Asian electronics suppliers under US antitrust law over price-fixing allegations.

Chicago-based... read more

Motorola Motor 360 vs LG G Watch R

Device makers Motorola and LG have recently released their smartphone watches - the Moto 360 and the G Watch R respectively; giving interested customers two new smartwatch options to select from.

A comparison of the hardware specifications of the two smartwatches shows that while Motorola... read more

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