‘Samsung Pay’ is a big hit in South Korea in one month of launch

On Thursday, South Korean device maker Samsung revealed that its new 'Samsung Pay' mobile payment system has already processed more than $30 million in South Korea during the one-month period after launch in the country.

Samsung Pay was launched by Samsung in South Korea last month. The... read more

Samsung Galaxy S7 will reportedly come in ‘flat’ and ‘curved’ displays

In a Wednesday report, tech blog SamMobile has revealed that Samsung's forthcoming new flagship smartphone, Galaxy S7, will be available in two models -- one with a 'flat' display, and the other featuring a 'curved' display -- just like the company's other recent flagship handsets.

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Report: Samsung may announce its next flagship handsets in Feb. 2016

According to a Yibada website report, bigwig South Korean device maker Samsung's new flagship handsets will likely be introduced in February 2016. The unveiling of the new Samsung flagship smartphones will likely come at the MWC 2016 event, which is scheduled to be held from February 22 to... read more

Samsung may launch Galaxy smartphone leasing program in US

A recently released Forbes report has revealed that bigwig South Korean device manufacturer Samsung may launch a Galaxy smartphone leasing program in the US in the coming months.

According to the information shared by an unidentified industry executive familiar with Samsung's plans, the... read more

Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S2 tablet now available for preorder

On Wednesday, Samsung made its new flagship tablet – the sleek and powerful Galaxy Tab 2 – available for preorder. The tablet will be available for purchase in the US on September 3. The cost of the 8-inch Wi-Fi-only model of the tablet will be $400; while a 9.7-inch Wi-Fi-only version will be... read more

Samsung may showcase 5.9-inch Galaxy Note 5 phablet at IFA event in Sept

Smartphone market watchers said on Monday that bigwig South Korean device manufacturer Samsung Electronics will unveil wider-screen smartphones at an international trade show scheduled to be held in September.

The disclosure by the market watchers implies that Samsung is apparently... read more

New ‘double battery life’ technology being developed by Samsung

According to reports, Samsung is developing a new 'double battery life' technology which involves an innovative coating technique that combines with the commercial lithium cobalt oxide cathode to offer higher energy densities.

The technology which is being developed by Samsung's research... read more

Microsoft Gears for Windows 10 Release, Samsung Announces Enabling Automatic Windows Update

The recent glitch at Samsung will surely upset Microsoft which is geared up for its Windows 10 release on July 29. However, in a conciliatory move, Samsung has announced that it will soon mend the anomaly and come up with an update that will allow automatic Windows update on its laptops.

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Samsung still to patch major security bug affecting nearly 600 million handsets

According to reports, South Korean tech biggie Samsung has not released a fix for a major security vulnerability in the pre-installed keyboard software of nearly 600 million Samsung smartphones across the world.

The software bug was discovered by US computer security firm NowSecure in... read more

Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge launched in Malaysia

South Korean device maker Samsung's newest flagship handsets - the Galaxy S6; and the Galaxy S6 Edge - hit the Malaysian markets on Thursday. The new Galaxy handsets were launched in the US and some other countries on April 10.

Both the newly-launched Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge handsets are... read more

Samsung reveals pricing details of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge handsets

With Samsung's much-awaited two new Galaxy handsets - Galaxy S6; and Galaxy S6 Edge - officially scheduled to hit the US markets on April 10, the company has recently announced the pricing details for both the models. According to the details shared by Samsung, the official cost of the entry-... read more

Best Buy to start selling Samsung’s Gear VR Innovator Edition on March 27

Device manufacturer Samsung is apparently set to commence the full consumer launch of its Oculus-powered Gear VR virtual reality headset in the US this week. The Innovator Edition of the Samsung Gear VR headset will be made available for purchase, for the first time, at the Best Buy stores in... read more


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