Takata’s Defective Airbags Lead to Recall of 90,000 Dodge Challengers by Chrysler

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website (NHTSA) informs about the recall order issued by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in order to fix the flaw of defective air bags. The automobile company is recalling 90,000 Dodge Challengers which were fitted with the defective Takata airbags... read more

Honda’s US unit confirms eighth death related to defective Takata airbags

On Friday, the US unit of Honda Motor Co confirmed the eighth death linked to defective airbags manufactured by Japanese supplier Takata.

In confirming the eighth fatality related to Takata airbags, Honda said that it was the rupture of a Takata airbag inflator which caused the death of... read more

Many factors responsible for air-bag failures: Takata executive says

A senior executive of Japanese supplier Takata Corp. flouted American lawmakers' suggestion that a chemical explosive used in air bags is unsafe even as he acknowledged that it could be one of the factors in air-bar failures that led to the biggest automotive recall in the U.S. history.

... read more

Takata plans to change the design of driver-side air bag inflators

In a statement released on Monday, Japanese parts supplier Takata Corp said that it will not stop manufacturing air bags which use ammonium nitrate propellant, though it will bring about a change in the design of the driver-side air bag inflators.

The statement, a written testimony by... read more

Takata’s latest recall marks the Largest Auto Recall in US History

Takata Corp. has recorded the largest auto recall in US history, as the company has agreed to recall 33.8 million air bags after pressure from US safety regulators. The automaker will declare 33.8 million air bags defective, adding more than 18 million air bags to existing recalls.

These... read more

Takata’s Air Bags Issue: Japan’s 3 Biggest Carmakers to Recall Millions of Vehicles Globally

Toyota Motor Corp and Nissan Motor Co are recalling around 6.5 million vehicles globally owing to potentially deadly vehicle air bags made by Japan’s Takata. In this drive, Honda Motor Co Ltd is also involved.

With this move, Japan’s topmost carmakers, are expanding a global recall of the... read more

Texas motorist killed in January 18 crash in Honda Accord with Takata airbags

In what probably is the most recent incident of the explosion of a vehicle equipped with defective Takata airbag, Honda Motors revealed on Thursday that a Texas motorist was killed in a low-speed crash that occurred on January 18.

According to Honda, a 35-year-old man - named Carlos Solis... read more

Takata plans to resolve all Mexico air-bag plant issues by next month

Japan-based air-bag manufacturer Takata Corp. has efforts underway to resolve all the issues concerning its Mexico air-bag factory - which manufactures parts required for repairing vehicles - by next month.

Takata is at the center of a massive air-bag recall crisis resulting from... read more

Japan’s safety regulator moves into action to restrain Takata air bag crisis

With vehicle recalls related to potentially defective air bags - manufactured by Japanese parts supplier Takata - on the rise, Japan's Transport Ministry, which is also the country's auto safety regulator, has scrambled into action to restrain the air bag crisis.

Since the increasing... read more

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