Elon Musk unveils batteries big enough to power homes, businesses or communities

On Thursday, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has revealed latest products of the electric automaker. The new products are batteries big enough to power homes, businesses or communities.

Tesla batteries have capability to tap the sun’s energy, day or night. Two basic battery offerings are... read more

Tesla takes Big Step in Field of Solar Power Storage for Home and Business

Solar panels have gained immense popularity in recent years as scientists have often suggested that they have huge potential of using the sun’s energy even in the dark. Now, Tesla Motors has said that it is all set to take a giant leap towards the goal of creating such solar panels by developing... read more

Tesla batteries installed at nearly 300 homes and 11 Wal-Mart locations in California

With electric vehicle maker Tesla planning to unveil batteries for homes and utilities in the near future, recent reports have revealed that the company has already initiated a pilot program - in collaboration with its sister firm SolarCity - to mark its imminent foray into the battery arena.... read more

Tesla to unveil home battery and utility-scale battery at April 30 event

California-based electric vehicle maker Tesla has revealed in a recent email to investors and analysts that the company is set to unveil a new product line -- which will not be a car -- an event scheduled to be held on April 30.

According to a Bloomberg Business report, Jeffrey Evanson -... read more

Elon Musk admits Tesla’s sales in China have been below expectations

US electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla’s billionaire co-founder and CEO Elon Musk admitted during his last-month visit to China that the sales of the automaker’s vehicles in the country were below expectations.

While conversing with the Chinese media during his visit, Musk said that China... read more

Tesla replaces entry-level Model S 60 with new version --- Model S 70D

In a recent announcement, electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors has revealed that it is dropping the entry-level version of its Model S electric car – the Model S 60 - and replacing it with a new version called the Model S 70D.

Announcing that the Model S 70D will be the new lowest-... read more

Apple reportedly working on a project which could shake up autonomous vehicle market

According to a Business Insider report, citing an unidentified self-claimed Apple employee, tech giant Apple is working on a project which can apparently shake up the market for self-driving vehicles.

As per the report, the Apple employee claims that Apple has taken on a project which... read more

Bloomberg: Majority of Tesla’s new hires are from Apple

Bloomberg has revealed in a recent report that the majority of the new employees hired by electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Tesla Motors are from technology firm Apple, as compared to employees hired from other companies.

With the Bloomberg report drawing attention to the fact that Tesla... read more

Missouri car dealers sue state for allowing Tesla to sell its cars directly to customers

On Thursday, the Missouri Automobile Dealers Association filed a lawsuit against the state Department of Revenue, for giving electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors the permission to sell its cars directly to customers, instead of using a dealership as an intermediary. The lawsuit was filed in... read more

Tesla campaigning for automobile sale regulations in Texas to be loosened

In an evident effort to continue its attempts to sell its Model S electric sedans in Texas, electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors is campaigning for more flexibility in auto sale regulations in the state, so as to pave the way for auto sales to Texas residents.

Tesla has called for auto... read more

Tesla’s Autonomous Drive features hype or reality?

Elon Musk disclosed the Tesla's new Dual Motor Drive all-wheel drive system, along with the first of many semi-autonomous driving features. It was also publicized that the lane departure and speed assist systems are also introduced in a 90% autonomous Tesla Model S, which will be arriving next... read more

Tesla details renovations carried out at Fremont factory this summer

Electric-vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors has recently published a blog post which details the upgrades which the company made to its Fremont electric-vehicle factory this summer, when it had paused production at the plant.

The blog post released by Tesla features a concise time-lapse... read more


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