Bicycles contribute $668 million annually to economy of Michigan

Bicycles contribute $668 million annually to economy of Michigan

Michigan Department of Transportation has released a new study claiming the benefits of nearly $668 million to the economy of the state due to bicycle riding. The sale of bikes and related equipment has helped many local companies and small business owners.

Josh DeBruyn, bicycle and pedestrian coordinator for MDOT informed that the study divided the impact of bicycle industry into give major sections. The retail household spending on bicycling accounts for $175 million. The study estimates avoided health care cost to the tune of $256 million.

Bicycling also reduces absenteeism and adds to tourism spending by locals. The local manufacturing related to the industry has been estimated at $11 million.

The study collected data from Detroit, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Traverse City and Holland. The study has been conducted for the first time in last 15 years in the local communities.

The state has witnessed an increase in number of miles of trials and the lanes for biking. People in Grand Rapids were supportive of the idea of improving the bicycle trials in the region.