Woman makes false claims about abduction, Sheriff

Woman makes false claims about abduction

Investigators in the state of Michigan have said that a woman who claims to have been abducted and health for 16 hours earlier in the week, was actually making up the story about her abduction.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office set in a statement that the 6 8 18 your old girl false lee claim that she was abducted and held for a period of 16 hours. Sheriff claim to that the abduction did not happen after the girl, Hayley Turner was interviewed for the second time by a detective and FBI agent.

"As a result of that interview. It was determined that the incident did not take place, as originally reported," Monroe County Sheriff's Office set in a statement.

The girls had said that she was kidnapped by someone with a gun as she was going to the video store on Thursday in Bedford Township, just north of the state border with Ohio. She said that she had seen a man in a ditch and stopped her car to help him. She was found Friday morning in the nearby town of Ecorse after she jumped from a slow moving vehicle.

The Sheriff's Office Saud that it will refer the case to county prosecutor.