Diem Brown Diagnosed with Colon Cancer

Diem Brown Diagnosed with Colon Cancer

Diem Brown, 32, reality show star, is battling with colon cancer. It is for the third time she has been fighting with cancer. In the past, Brown was diagnosed with ovarian cancer twice.

"It's been a dark couple of days but the outpouring of support has been tremendous. It's truly what will keep me fighting", said Brown. She was shooting for a reality show and collapsed in the shoot. She was immediately taken to a hospital, where doctors carried out two emergency surgeries on her.

In the first surgery, doctors removed tumor that was obstructing Brown's colon. After few days, doctors had to carry out another surgery because of the complications taken place after the first surgery. An infection occurred in her abdomen due to which the second surgery was carried out. During the first surgery, doctors found many other tumors.

Megan, Brown's sister, shared that doctors had no other option but to carry out an emergency surgery, so that they can remove tumor from Brown's body. The second surgery has made things little complicated. But Megan stated that Brown will recover enough that doctors can start giving her chemotherapy sessions.

Brown was just 23 when she was first time diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After hiatus of two years, she again had to battle with ovarian cancer. It was considered to be the end of the bad days, but cancer returned and this time it was colon cancer.

Megan agreed that her sister is passing through a rough phase, but she also said that Brown is a fighter. Brown has love and support of her family and friends and Megan believes that it will give strength to her sister to once again emerge as a winner. Brown is expected to be released in around two weeks from the hospital.