Detroit Bus Company Preparing for New Project, Youth Transit Alliance

Detroit Bus Company Preparing for New Project, Youth Transit Alliance

A few years back, Andy Didorosi used to operate a liquidation company that helped his clients sell assets online. He then came to know about buses up for sale from Ferndale Public Schools. This gave him an idea to use these buses for transport and Didorosi became owner of Detroit Bus Company.

He has renovated buses and his company runs a fleet of brightly painted buses that is famous for offering a variety of fun and historical tours of the city. Now, the Detroit Bus Company is preparing for a new project, the Youth Transit Alliance. Under the project, kids will be taken from Southwest Detroit to after-school programs.

This is the first year that the company is actually integrating with Detroit Public Schools. The company is also part of official framework rather than offering a service that just helped students. Skillman Foundation is partially funding the project.

The foundation handles the after-school programs, but faced transportation problems. Last year, it provided 100% support. But this time, as mentioned earlier, it will not provide complete support as the budget has increased significantly. However, the budget has increased compared to the last year.

This year, the company is looking for about $580,000 whereas last year, the foundation provided funds amounting $183,000. The budget has grown because they are providing satisfactory customer service. Also, they have conductor on the buses, the buses are GPS-tracked, there's a vast community leadership component.

The Youth Transit Alliance provides a ride home and a new chance for kids to get to these after-school programs and come back home safely. They will drop kids right off at their door. Their aim from the first day is to fill transit gaps in the city of Detroit. The tours that they do are an additional income to keep their mission going. They want to make the YTA their sole charge.

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