Several Olivet College students taken to hospital

Several Olivet College students taken to hospital

At least thirty students of Olivet College were rushed to a nearby hospital on Wednesday after they experienced symptoms including dizziness, headache and nausea.

The students taken to the Hayes Green Beach Hospital's emergency room have since been released after being tested for Carbon Monoxide exposure.

The first cases of the symptoms were reported on Tuesday when two athletes living in Blair Hall dormitory met their trainer and reported dizziness. Initially, their symptoms were supposed to be caused by dehydration. But, more students went on reporting the same symptoms.

Kaylin Holley, a freshman at Olivet, said, "When all the commotion died down, we suddenly had three more male students, who also live in Blair, pass out unexpectedly. It's nerve wracking knowing that this could happen to anybody in a place where we have to live."

According to Olivet College spokesperson Molly Goaley, a total of 38 students were taken to the hospital on Tuesday and Wednesday. Nearly 25 of the admitted students lived in the men's dorm.

Officials from the Olivet Fire Department and Eaton Area EMS tested the college buildings but no building was tested positive for high levels of Carbon Monoxide.