Michigan gasoline price decline expected to continue

Ongoing decline in Michigan gasoline prices expected to continue

The average price of regular, unleaded gasoline in the Muskegon and some other parts of Michigan has declined by nearly a quarter since last week, figures released by Dearborn-based auto club AAA showed.

According to AAA's latest Daily Fuel Gauge Report, average gasoline price across the state declined 13 cents week-on-week to $3.48 per gallon on Monday. Prices in some areas are now lower than where they were a year ago, down by nearly 3 cents.

In the Muskegon, Holland and Grand Rapids area, the fuel declined by 20 cents, from $3.64 a week ago to $3.44 per gallon on Monday this week.

While motorists in the city of Muskegon were buying gasoline for between $3.41 per gallon and $3.51 per gallon; Fremont fuel stations were charging motorists $3.28 per gallon.

The report also predicted that the ongoing decline in gasoline prices will likely continue in the coming weeks as a change in season just a week away. The EPA's summer gasoline requirements have also ended, which will allow energy giants to produce fuel at a cheaper rate.

Avery Ash, an analyst with AAA, pointed out earlier in September that the period of September 15-19 would mark the start of the transition to cheaper, winter-blend gasoline.

However, some energy experts have warned that geopolitical instability, devastating hurricanes or other similar calamities could disrupt production, causing price hikes.