Odile weakens after slamming Baja California Peninsula

Odile weakens after slamming Baja California Peninsula

After slamming the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula with devastating winds and torrential rains early Monday, Hurricane Odile weakened to a tropical storm by the night.

The Category 3 hurricane brought sustained winds of 115 miles per hours (mph) staring around midnight local time. Powerful winds accompanied by heavy rains caused notable damages to homes and hotels in the area.

The hurricane disrupted the vacations of thousands of people had come to Pacific beaches to celebrate Independence Day holiday weekend. Nearly 30,000 tourists were moved into temporary shelters in hotels, while Los Cabos international airport remained closed. Emergency teams rescues many people from stranded vehicles.

The natural calamity also damaged many power poles and lines, leaving more than 200,000 people without electricity.

By Monday night, Odile weakened to a tropical storm and it downgraded to a Category 2. The U. S. National Hurricane Center said the storm was centered around 60 miles northwest of Loreto storm by the night, with maximum sustained winds of about 65 mph.

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