Sterling Heights officials urge for authority on oil exploration

Sterling Heights officials urge for authority on oil exploration

Officials in the Sterling Heights city have urged the regulators to allow more control to them over the oil exploration companies.

Officials expressed that they want the regulators to refine local communities' options for dealing with the exploration companies. At the City Council meeting held on 2 September, 2014, Mayor Pro Tem Michael Taylor said Shelby Township has said that the community dealt with oil exploration issues. Shelby Township Supervisor Richard Stathakis met with local community leaders and an advisor to Gov. Rick Snyder to discuss the issues.

Taylor said that the cities want to have local control over these issues relating to oil exploration. Shelby Township faced a situation where an oil and gas exploration company had the state permit for oil exploration that could be as close as 450 feet from residences.

"The drilling activity was going on 24 hours a day. So for three weeks, there's nonstop oil exploration happening in very close proximity to residential areas. And based on the state law, there is not a whole lot that Shelby Township could do about it," Taylor said.

City Manager Mark Vanderpool said the Traverse City-based West Bay Exploration said that the companies have been drilling since decades and are conducting tests for the oil. These companies can enter communities without local control at present for their activities.

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