Detroit transport department recruiting more bus drivers

Detroit heavily recruiting bus drivers

With a sincere intention to improve its on-time performance, the Detroit Department of Transportation (DDoT) is recruiting new bus drivers. The transportation department has already hired more than 20 bus drivers and has plans to recruit nearly 50 men and women by the end of the current year.

DDoT Chief Dan Dirks said that the department was trying to find as many folks as it could so that it could give better on-time performance and allow the agency to cover those who quit or go on leave unexpectedly.

Speaking on the topic, Dirks added, "We have worked with the ministers in the city to make a pitch. Every time our staff goes out and makes presentations, we do pitches on it. We're very soon going to have info on the inside of the buses recruiting drivers."

One of the newly recruited bus drivers acknowledged that driving was a high-stress job that often involved dealing with impatient and sometimes unruly public, but he was undeterred by the potential stress.

Trainees start out with a salary of $8.40 an hour, which is slightly more than the state's minimum wage of $8.15 an hour. However, their pay quickly jumps to $10.15 an hour once recruits finish the classes and training. The top wage has been fixed at $15.70 an hour.

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