Michigan gasoline prices keep falling: AAA report

Michigan gasoline prices keep falling: AAA report

The gasoline prices in Michigan have continued their fall during the past couple of weeks. According to the latest AAA Fuel Gauge Report, average gasoline prices slipped 12 cents last week.

In the past couple of weeks, gasoline prices slipped 25 cents to an average price of $3.363 per gallon in the state of Michigan.

The fall of 13 cents in the week prior to last week was the second biggest in the United States. It fell just short of Indiana's 14 cent drop in the fuel's price.

Michigan's average gasoline price is still higher than the national average, which is $3.343 per gallon this week, by two cents.

Motorists in the Lansing and East Lansing area enjoyed the cheapest rates, with average price for the fuel at $3.23 a gallon. The lowest gasoline price posted on MichiganGasPrices. com stood at $2.99 per gallon on Monday this week at the Kroger in Lambertville.

The highest average price of gasoline was recorded in Marquette, where the fuel price stood at $3.56 a gallon. Prices at two gasoline stations in the state broke even the mark of $4.00 a gallon - $4.09 a gallon at a BP in Romulus and $4.15 a gallon at the 7th Street Station in Copper Harbor.

Fuel prices are on the fall partly due to refineries' switch to winter-blend gasoline production, which is less expensive to produce, and partly because of winding down of summer travel.

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