Badly decomposed body found in Lansing backyard identified

Badly decomposed body found in Lansing backyard identified

The badly decomposed body found recently in a north Lansing backyard has been identified as that of 27-year-old Bobby Duvale Brown - an amateur fighter who participated in a Prison City Fight League (PCFL) contest held at Raks Sports Bar in Jackson in January.

Lansing police Captain Darin Southworth said the body was discovered last Tuesday in the backyard of a house in the 900 block of Porter Street by workers hired to scythe the lawn. The remains suggested that the body had been there for days or even weeks.

Brown was identified by police officers after pathologists from the Ingham County Medical Examiners Office examined the body. His family members have been notified.

Neighbors suggested that the amateur fighter's death could be related to a shooting that took place at the junction of Porter and North High streets many weeks ago.

Shawna Smith, one of Brown's neighbors, said, "That whole corner was drenched in blood. You never know if it's fireworks or gunshots in this neighborhood."

A few days before disappearing, he posted on Facebook that was tired as hell due to training for a fight January 18. Later, he wrote that he would participate in another fight scheduled for December 21. He made his last post on September 9, when he put up a new profile picture, in which could be seen flexing one arm.

Investigators are trying to gather more information as investigation into the case continues.

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