ArtPrize 2014 kicks off in Grand Rapids

ArtPrize 2014 kicks off in Grand Rapids

The sixth annual edition of one-of-its-kind art competition and urban exhibition ArtPrize kicked off in Grand Rapids Wednesday. The $560,000 art event has garnered more than 1,500 entries from a total of 42 states and territories across the country. The art competition will also feature entries from 51 countries at its 174 venues.

After kicking off with a whistle at noon, the ArtPrize 2014 garnered more than 7,000 votes within six hours.

The art competition does not have any rules about when an artist must finish his/her artwork. Many people love to see artists working on their art pieces.

Todd Herring, Director of Communications for ArtPrize, said, "I think a lot of ArtPrize visitors like to see that. Adonna Khare, who won ArtPrize in 2012, worked on her piece all the way through the entire event."

Pixie Shaw of Toronto was polishing her giant apple sculpture, which she calls "Big Michigan." She said many children come and touch her giant apple sculpture, and she loves to invite them to experience her art piece.

ArtPrize, which turns Grand Rapids into a strolling art gallery each fall, is one of the world's biggest art competitions and exhibitions. This year's edition of the event will run through October 10, 2014.

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