Detroit City Council regains decision-making powers

Detroit City Council regains decision-making powers

The Council of financially beleaguered city of Detroit on Thursday regained most of its decision-making powers from state-appointed emergency manager Kevyn D. Orr.

Orr, who had been overseeing the city for around 18 months, will continue to serve the city as the emergency manager until ongoing bankruptcy proceedings are complete. However, Orr was made to cede his authority to the elected officials.

Mayor Mike Duggan and the council will retake control of all issues aside from those tied to the bankruptcy proceedings. For instance, Duggan will retake control of police, while the council will be responsible for granting various contracts.

Before signing Order 42, which transferred powers back to the mayor and council, Orr said, "This is really a good day for the city. We have a little bit more to go, but this is the right thing to do."

The Detroit City Council said in a state that it was utterly imperative to take steps to move Detroit towards an expedient emergence as the city was approaching the end of its massive bankruptcy proceedings.

Orr, a restructuring lawyer from Maryland, was appointed as Detroit's emergency manager by Governor Rick Snyder in March 2013, after the city reached on the verge of insolvency. The city filed for bankruptcy protection in July last year. The ongoing trial is expected to end in October.

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