Detroit to receive $32M grant for new public buses

Detroit to receive $32M grant for new public buses

Detroit Department of Transportation will get more than $32 million in federal and state grants to purchase 50 new state-of-the-art buses which will replace its old and unreliable buses.

U. S. Department of Transportation (DoT) Secretary Anthony Foxx yesterday announced that the city's transportation department would be issued a grant of around $26 million from the Federal Transit Administration's (FTA's) Ladders of Opportunity Initiative. Detroit is among the 24 recipients in 19 states of the U. S. that are collectively receiving $100 million in grants from the federal government.

The remaining portion of grant will come from the state of Michigan, which is required to contribute 20 per cent.

Announcing the grant yesterday, Foxx said transportation was something more than getting from one place to another, adding that the federal government's Ladders of Opportunity Initiative would enable transportation departments to provide people with better access to their jobs and schools, and thus enable them to achieve their goals.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan admitted that the city was in dire need of better buses as current fleet of buses had been in wrecks.

Speaking on the topic, Duggan said, "There is no service in this city that is worse right now than the bus service. It's just terrible. We are literally taking buses that have been in wrecks and hammering out the front end and putting them back on the street."

Detroit Department of Transportation has 421 buses in its fleet, nearly half of which are more than a decade old. The average age of public buses in Detroit is 9 years as compared with the national average of 7.5 years.

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