Lansing HR department gets interim director

Lansing HR department gets interim director

Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero on Thursday announced the appointment of Attorney Janene McIntyre as interim director of the city's Human Resources (HR) department.

Mayor Bernero said in a statement that McIntyre would temporarily replace Terri Taylor, who is stepping from the position to pursue a job in the private sector company.

McIntyre will now serve the city in two positions as she will continue to work as chief legal counsel too. When contacted, she said that she was looking forward to the additional responsibilities.

Speaking about her additional role, she said, "I appreciate Mayor Bernero's confidence in me and look forward to the challenges of taking on these additional responsibilities and working more closely with our dedicated HR staff as we manage this transition together."

In her current position as the city's chief legal counsel, McIntyre advises the HR department on issues like union contract talks and recruitment.

In a separate statement, Mayor Bernero hinted that he was washing his hands of Friendship Baptist Church. He said the administration had already spent a huge amount of money to settle the battle of the churches.

Two opposing congregations have been fighting to gain control of the Friendship Baptist Church property for the last many years. At a point of time, the feud aggregated so much that one of the two congregations locked the other out of the church.

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