Ann Arbor’s bike sharing program launched

Ann Arbor’s bike sharing program launched

Dozens of bicycles are now available for rent at half a dozen stations in Ann Arbor as the city's much talked-about bike sharing program is finally up and rolling.

The ArborBike, which was officially launched on Thursday, is designed to provide quick trips across the city. Checkout time has been limited to make sure that the bikes remain in circulation.

Normal membership annual pass costs $65, while a monthly pass has been priced at $10. Those who want daily pass will have to fork out $6 a day. People with memberships of the program can take unlimited 60-minute trips during a day without paying any additional fees. Those who will cross the limit will have to fork out $3 for each additional 30-minute trip.

However, the program also offers some discounted rates for U-M students and staff members. Group discounts are available for fifteen or more annual memberships.

Speaking about the new bike sharing program in the city, ArborBike Supervisor Heather Seyfarth said, "We are seeing the number of people signing up for memberships and taking ArborBike trips rise by the hour. It's very exciting to see the program in motion. We've been out all day checking stations and bikes."

As of Thursday noon, eleven bike trips had been taken using the new bikes available under the program, while more than dozen memberships had been purchased.

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