IBM Formally Opens Watson’s Headquarters in New York City

IBM Formally Opens Watson’s Headquarters in New York City

In an official announcement, IBM told that the company has opened Watson's headquarters in New York City. Watson Group senior vice president Mike Rhodin said that many professionals will work at the headquarters and there are chances that the company will hire more people for the new facility.

Rhodin thinks that the new location is strategically important. The location in New York is called as Silicon Alley and it has many companies including Google, Facebook and Twitter.

It is expected that the new IBM facility may encourage businesses to integrate Watson in their products. IBM has made an investment of $1 billion on the Watson Group. The company will keep $100 million aside for direct investment into new businesses and the companies using Watson's cognitive computing system that has massive amount of information, answers queries and learn from its mistakes.

IBM is also working with experts from New York University and the City University of New York to come up with a computer science curriculum that includes cognitive computing. Also, students can take part in a semester-long competition in which they will develop applications based on Watson.

The company has new partners, Bumrungrad International Hospital in Thailand, which plans to use the technology to help clinicians at the time of choosing treatments for breast, lung, colon and rectal cancer patients.

Spanish bank CaixaBank is training Watson, so that it can offer financial counseling in Spanish and Travelocity founder Terry Jones is using it in a new travel adviser service called WayBlazer. IBM added that there are many other partnerships.

Experts shared that Watson work more like a human than as a computer, as it generates hypotheses depending on evidence and keep on learning things as it goes. ANZ will also be using the technology to offer quick and smart financial advice.

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