Tesla unveils four-wheel-drive ‘D’ version of Models S sedan

Tesla unveils four-wheel-drive ‘D’ version of Models S sedan

At an event held at the municipal airport in Hawthorne, near Los Angeles, on Thursday, October 9, electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors unveiled a faster, all-wheel-drive version of its Model S sedan.

The announcement of the new Model S version has put to rest the speculations which has been triggered by a last-week tweet by Tesla CEO Elon Musk who had said that the company will "unveil the D and something else" at the October 9 event.

Though Musk had not disclosed in the tweet what the mysterious 'D' referred to, the unveiling of the new Model S version has now revealed that 'D' is the designation for the dual-motor front-wheel-drive upgrade of the Model S.

With the present version of the Model S sedan being a rear-wheel-drive car, the sales of the car have been hit in regions which have snowier climates. The second motor has apparently been added to the sedan by Tesla to power the front wheels.

According to the details shared by Tesla, the top speed of the new all-wheel-drive version of Model S will be 155 miles per hour (mph), as compared to the 130 mph top speed of the current model. In addition, the new Model S version will also accelerate faster.

However, the availability and pricing of the four-wheel-drive 'D' version of Model S have not yet been disclosed by Tesla.

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