Uber ride-sharing service disputes woman passenger’s kidnapping claims

Uber ride-sharing service disputes woman passenger’s kidnapping claims

According to a CNET report, ride-sharing service Uber has disputed a woman passenger's claims that she was kidnapped in an Uber car last week.

The Los Angeles woman - who desires not to be identified - had told tech-news site Valleywag that she had e-hailed an Uber car last week to reach back home after a party. She claimed that the driver of the Uber car kidnapped her, and drove her 20 miles out of the way to a deserted parking area; and locked her up in the car for two hours.

Revealing that she could not get out of the car, the woman told the publication that the driver finally took her home after she protested and screamed.

Furthermore, the woman said that when she contacted Uber to report the incident the next morning, the company merely responded with an automated email, extending an apology for the "inefficient route."

With Valleywag reporting that the woman has hired an attorney and is working with the Los Angeles Police Department, Uber has refuted the woman's kidnapping claims. Going by Uber spokeswoman Eva Behrend's statement to CNET, the woman passenger was intoxicated and had asked the driver for an extended ride.

Behrend told CNET that "early reports on this ride are inaccurate;" and added: "Based on the information we have at this time, this driver called 911 to ask for assistance with an intoxicated rider who requested an extended trip. However, we have refunded the rider's trip and reached out to the rider for additional information."

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