University of Alabama receives $15,000 grant

University of Alabama receives $15,000 grant

The University of Alabama received a $15,000 grant from the US Environmental Protection Agency to study the efficiency of ultraviolet LED lights and laser in killing waterborne pathogens.

The EPA grant program has awarded funds to student teams in all 50 states. A team of University of Alabama students is to take on the project. Ultraviolet light-emitting diodes are energy efficient and environmentally benign alternative for disinfection of waterborne pathogens.

Other team projects that were funded by the grant in 2014 include a new device for producing electricity from sunlight that could be used on exterior walls of buildings, extending the growing season for farmers by heating greenhouses with biomass and decreasing diesel released for vehicles while lowering costs and improving fuel economy.

Project funding is divided into two phases. In the first phase student teams put forward a proposal for a project, and if they are chosen then they compete with other Phase one winners at the National Sustainable Design Expo in Washington, D.C. This is the 11th year for the EPA program.

Curt Spalding, regional administrator for EPA's New England office, said that project and designs created by student teams each year exceed their expectations. "It's exciting and hopeful that students are coming up with sustainable ways to address our country's challenging environmental issues, while also helping to create a vibrant, growing economy", Curt Spalding added.

Mark Elliott, assistant professor in the department of civil, construction and environmental engineering, and Patrick Kung, an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering are giving advice to the team.

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