Parents advised to talk to their teenage children about safe driving habits

Parents advised to talk to their teenage children about safe driving habits

With the annual National Teen Driver Safety Week having kecked off on October 19 - and to run through October 25 -, several organizations like the Dori Slosberg foundation are highlighting the fact that parents play a critical role in ensuring safety-conscious driving habits are developed in their teenage children.

Asserting that parents can help their teenage children become smart, safe, and skilled drivers, road-safety organizations have drawn attention to the fact that it is important for parents to talk to their children about safe driving habits.

The Georgia Department of Driver Services - and traffic safety officials of other states too - has sent across a message that talking to teenage children about safe driving can make a big difference when it comes to teenager's driving habits. Officials are of the opinion that parents should keep conversing with their children about road safety even if the children have heard about it all.

The advice to the parents apparently comes against the backdrop of the fact that, as per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers aged between 14 and18 years.

Noting that "crashes end more teen lives than homicides, suicides, and cancer combined," AAA's Doug Shupe said: "Some of the reasons for that is teens don't have the experience behind the wheel because they just started driving. Statistics show that one in six teenagers are going to crash during that first year of driving."