HP unveils its first 3D printer called ‘Multi Jet Fusion’

HP unveils its first 3D printer called ‘Multi Jet Fusion’

Computer hardware and printing giant Hewlett-Packard (HP) recently unveiled its first concept 3D printer, called 'Multi Jet Fusion.' The newly-announced 3D printer, which HP showed off at an earlier-this-week event in New York, marks HP's foray into the currently-nascent 3D printing arena.

Announcing the Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer, HP said that its technology can apparently trigger a "new era of manufacturing;" thanks largely to the fact that the 3D printer is aimed at bringing 3D printing to more number of industrial establishments.

HP's approach with the 3D printer clearly deviates from the approach followed by other 3D printer manufacturers who have, thus far, focused mostly on hobbyists who want to create their own do-it-yourself items, or on startups that seek to target everyday consumers with mass-customized products.

With the HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer mainly aimed at the enterprise, it is a huge device - as big as an office copy machine. Though HP is touting "best in class total cost of ownership" for its 3D printer, it is speculated that the device will cost approximately $10,000.

The Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer is likely scheduled to hit the markets in 2016. It will be capable of printing not only multiple materials simultaneously, but will also be able to vary the physical properties of each of those materials during the printing process. However, initially, the device will be limited to printing in black thermoplastic.

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