HP and Michael Bastian unveil ‘MB Chronowing’ smartwatch

HP and Michael Bastian unveil ‘MB Chronowing’ smartwatch

Computing firm Hewlett Packard (HP) and fashion designer Michael Bastian have recently unveiled a new smartwatch called 'MB Chronowing.' The smartwatch will work with Android as well as iOS devices, running Android 4.3+ or higher and iOS version 7 or higher.

The MB Chronowing smartwatch will be available from November 7, through Gilt. The entry-level version of the smartwatch will feature Sapphire glass and leather, rubber, and nylon straps; while the high-end model will feature an alligator band. The cost of the entry-level model of MB Chronowing will be $349; and the high-end model will cost $649.

The forthcoming MB Chronowing smartwatch will differ from most of the other currently available smartwatches in the sense that while the other models chiefly focus on specifications and functionality aspects, the key focus of MB Chronowing is to bring the users a 'watch.'

Towards that end, MB Chronowing will have a permanent time piece - like a watch - on display.

Other aspects which differentiate MB Chronowing from other smartwatches include the lack of features like touch screen, microphone, fitness trackers, GPS or voice activation. Nonetheless, MB Chronowing - which has three tactile buttons on the side to facilitate navigation by users - will provide users with notifications for incoming texts, emails and the few selected apps which they choose.

In addition, MB Chronowing will also provide information on stocks, the weather and calendar notifications.