Swarms of Harlequin Ladybird invade various parts of England

Swarms of Harlequin Ladybird invade various parts of England

Several people in Britain have reported swarms of ladybirds in their gardens and homes. It is the harlequin ladybird, a foreign species that is behind this invasion.

Harlequins are being blamed for munching on the native species and spreading all over the shores.

This situation has raised a big concern because it is believed that most harlequins are carriers of sexually transmitted disease like the Laboulbeniales fungal disease. This specie also poses a major threat to the native 'English' ladybirds.

Harlequin ladybirds are regarded as the most invasive ladybird species on earth.

Several city people in Plymouth reported seeing swarms of the flying ladybirds larger and more voracious than their UK cousins, clustered on their windowsills and gardens.

One Paignton resident said, "They're everywhere. Every time I open a window to try to get some of them out, another load come in! I've never seen anything quite like it".

Another resident, Elisha Searl, stated that her house was covered with these.

A lot of people tweeted in this respect. One of the users, Hilary Keeley, tweeted, "Ladybird invasion!" She affirmed that there were different varieties of these insects in her garden and her daughter collected about 10 of these in a pot.

Acting on the current ongoing situation, a survey group has been set up to keep a track of its spread.

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