Conservationists call for Protection for UK's 17 Marine Megafauna

Conservationists call for Protection for UK's 17 Marine Megafauna

According to conservationists, a stretch of coastline of Yorkshire is among the locations around Britain which should be protected in order to preserve marine wildlife.

The Wildlife Trusts, an organisation made up of 47 local Wildlife Trusts in the UK, has recognized about 17 areas which are used by megafauna, which includes whales, porpoises, dolphins and basking sharks.

The areas include a part of the North Sea extending from Bridlington to Norfolk. Theconservationists have claimed that the part is known for harbour porpoises, one of six species of porpoise. The stretch includes Silver Pit, which isa long valley in the bed of the North Sea.

According to theWildlife Trusts, these 17 locations are places wheremegafauna come to feed and breed. Waters of the UK are home to more than 25 species of dolphin, whale, basking shark and porpoise. Added to that, sperm whales, humpback whales and killer whale could be seen in the UK's waters.

The Wildlife Trusts claimed that all these species areacutely vulnerable to pollution, fishing and some other human activities. In order to save them and keep their population away from declining, it is important to protect the stretch of coastline of Yorkshire.

Joan Edwards, head of living seas of the Wildlife Trusts, said, "Many people are surprised to discover that in the waters surrounding our shores you could encounter 29 different species of whale, dolphin and porpoise and the second largest shark in the world - the basking shark".

Edwards said that it is very essential to create protected areas at sea to preserve marine wildlife and to ensure a site to safeguard these species for generations to come. The UK has started several programs to save marine wildlife in recent years, but still there is a significant job to do, Edwards added.

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