Sony preparing beta period for its Vue cloud-based TV service

Sony preparing beta period for its Vue cloud-based TV service

Japanese device manufacturer Sony is reportedly preparing a beta period for its cloud-based TV service, Vue. The preparation of beta period for Vue essentially underscores Sony's efforts to push TV into the next stage of evolution.

According to Sony, the cloud-based Vue TV service - which is scheduled for official launch sometime next year - will offer a "fair and competitive price," without contracts. Since the Vue service will run on Sony's popular PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 gaming consoles, the owners of these consoles will not need to buy any additional equipment to the Vue service.

Revealing that the Vue cloud-based TV service will eventually be moved for PlayStation consoles to other devices, Sony said that once the first phase of Vue rollout on PS consoles is complete, the service will be available on other "Sony and non-Sony" devices, including the Apple iPad.

In a statement pertaining to the planned beta period for Vue and the service's official rollout, Sony said: "PlayStation Vue will begin an invite-only beta preview during November for select PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 owners, with a phased rollout starting in New York followed later by Chicago, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles."

With the Vue service to will deliver live and on-demand content via the cloud, Sony has partnered with six networks - including CBS; Discovery; Fox; NBC Universal; Scripps; and Viacom - which will offer more than 70 channels.

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