Central Park’s Lasker Ice Rink will be closed for the season

Central Park’s Lasker Ice Rink will be closed for the season

The Lasker Ice Rink will remain closed for the season as the refrigeration plant needs an urgent replacement. The official website of Lasker Rink announced that it will remain closed for the 2014-15 skating season.

The park announced that they will issue refund to people who paid for the season. The hockey players and skaters will have to search for alternatives. The hockey practice and scheduled skating classes at the rink have been scrapped. Players have been asked to remove their bags from the equipment room.

The Lasker rink is owned and operated by billionaire Donald Trump. Wollman Rink in the region is also controlled by Donald Trump. With a sudden announcement of repair by Lasker Rink, players are searching for other options. The situation is particularly difficult for teams based in the region. Some participants have planned to use a suburban New York rink 62 miles north.

Alan Strachan, who runs Central Park Hockey at Lasker Rink, said in an emailed statement, “It is with a heavy heart that I have to deliver this news. I am sure you have a lot of questions which I do not have the answers for just now.”

The official statement said that the management team will try its best to finish the repair before the end of the season.

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