Toyota’s new 2015 hydrogen fuel cell sedan will be called ‘Mirai’

Toyota’s new 2015 hydrogen fuel cell sedan will be called ‘Mirai’

In a recent announcement via video message on the eve of the Los Angeles auto show, automaker Toyota revealed that it has named its new 2015 hydrogen fuel cell sedan 'Mirai,' which means 'future' in the Japanese language.

Announcing the name of the new fuel-cell powered sedan, Toyota president Akio Toyoda said in the video message: "Today we are at a turning point in automotive history. The future has arrived. And it's called 'Mirai.' "

With regard to the availability of 'Mirai,' Toyoda said that the vehicle is scheduled to hit the Japanese markets later this year; and will likely be launched in the US by mid-2015.

The fuel-cell powered 'Mirai' sedan from Toyota will be capable of travelling 300 miles (483 kilometers) with a hydrogen tank which takes less than five minutes to be refilled. The forthcoming launch of 'Mirai' comes after several years of Toyota's on-road testing of the vehicle, as well as its preceding fuel cell vehicles, in controlled lease programs.

In reference to the upcoming launch of Toyota's 'Mirai' fuel-cell powered sedan, University of Michigan engineering professor Jeff Liker said that the move is an apparent indication of the automaker's increased commitment to fuel cells - rather than battery-only cars - as long-term alternatives to internal combustion engines.

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