Federal authorities charge Detroit Neurosurgeon Aria Sabit for health care fraud

Federal authorities charge Detroit Neurosurgeon Aria Sabit for health care fraud

On Monday, The Detroit News reported that a former Ventura surgeon has been arrested by Federal authorities for committing health care fraud. Dr. Aria Sabit of Bloomfield Hills has been accused of cheating Medicare for millions of dollars by performing unnecessary spinal surgeries. Federal prosecutors said that he misled the patients and deceived the insurance companies by performing fake spinal surgeries.

As per the newspaper, Sabit was taken into custody on Monday and if found guilty, he could be imprisoned for 10 years or more. He will be under custody until a hearing next Monday.

He is charged of performing lumbar spinal fusions on several patients and not using the medical device. According to FBI Special Agent Peter Hayes, it was found in X-ray reports of the patients that no implantation of devices was done during the procedure.

As told by Mark Kriger, Sabit's lawyer, a not guilty plea will be entered by his client. The Detroit News reported that Sabit used different businesses and medical practices to commit the alleged fraud, which include Michigan Brain & Spine Physicians Group.

It was reported in June that a federal Department of Justice targeted Sabit in its investigation into frauds associated with spinal surgery scheme.

A legal action was taken against Sabit and three investors in a spinal implant distribution company by the Justice Department in September. Sabit moved to the Detroit area in 2011 and the California Medical Board cancelled his license to practice in the state and charged him for performing unnecessary spinal surgeries.

According to the newspaper, in September, Sabit was held by customs agents in Atlanta as a ruby and a 3.6-carat emerald was found in his luggage, while he was trying to fly to Dubai from Atlanta.

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