Jim Hackett may have extended stay as Michigan interim AD

Jim Hackett may have extended stay as Michigan interim AD

Michigan interim athletic director (AD) Jim Hackett appeared before media last Saturday for the first time since he was appointed to post in late October this year.

As Hackett has no real news to share with the media, many saw his appearance as symbolic. It was well known to all that Michigan is currently passing through some difficult times on the front of football. Wolverines should be looking for a new coach as they are struggling to improve their performance.

A team can function normally only if there is due clarity at the top. It is worth-mentioning here that Hackett is an interim AD. He took charge after Dave Brandon resigned last month.

While Hackett did not say how long he would stay at the position, he also did not say that he would be there only for a few weeks. It suggested that he may have an extended stay as interim AD.

He told the media, "The ownership of finding the permanent AD is with president (Mark) Schlissel. And of course I'll help him. But I think he'll learn a lot from me . And what we said to each other is that the focus right now is on these priorities, and the rest of that will come as it needs to."

The list of Hackett's top priorities includes the overall evaluation of football coach Brady Hoke and the football program. Hackett is expected to start the review process once the season is over.

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