Grand Rapids family feeling unsafe after gunman found on house’s roof

Grand Rapids family feeling unsafe after gunman found on house’s roof

A Grand Rapids family is grateful for their safety after police arrested an armed man on their roof without incident, but members of the family are also feeling somewhat unsafe now.

Sulma Cruz, said she was in her duplex on Norwich Avenue along with three other members of her family at around 4 a. m. Sunday, when she was woken up by a phone call from police.

An officer asked how many people were in the house, and then asked her and other members of the family to walk to the door, where officers were waiting for them.

The officers were trying to arrest a man with a gun who was on the roof of their house. The officers were first called to the scene of a brawl near the 400 block of Grandville Avenue Southwest. On their arrival one of the suspects fled.

The police officers chased the suspect until his car hit a building. The suspect then ran out of the car climbed to the roof of the house. He was arrested without incident.

Cruz said she was thankful for her family's safety, but the incident made her feel unsafe now. She stressed that she had been in the block for five years and nothing of that kind ever happened there.

The suspect is now lodged in Kent County Jail, awaiting arraignment on numerous felony charges.

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