Starbucks opens its big ‘Coffee Theatre’

Starbucks opens its big ‘Coffee Theatre’

The Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room mega-store opens its coffee store in Seattle's chi-chi Capitol Hill. The outlet is huge in size and also a big attraction for tourists.

Spread at 15,000 square feet, a dozen conventional Starbucks stores could fit into it. But this outlet is quite different, with Willy Wonka glitz and extreme coffee culture together. USA TODAY visited the store and found that the outlet not only sells coffee but also roasts, is involved in packaging and shipping it throughout the world.

Starbucks Roastery would be a meeting place for the affluent class. To open such a store when few customers are visiting retail stores in shopping malls is a courageous step. Starbucks is serving new multisyllabic beverage concoctions among its other delicacies. It is also providing upscale amenities, such as designer foods and craft coffees to attract the crowd from wealthy class.

Starbucks has enlarged its stores from juices to grocery store supplies, but this is a totally different step which has returned to the origin of coffee. Starbucks concluded its biennial investor conference and one day later it opened the store. In its conference, Starbucks revealed the first 'Mobile Order & Pay' platform in the Portland, Ore.

"We are building a new brand within Starbucks. Very rarely do you get innovate and create within your core business", said Starbucks CEO and Chairman Howard Schultz at the company's investor day Thursday.

Liz Muller, creative vice president of global design, who managed store construction the past year called it a theatre of coffee and said that they wanted to make a space to recreate the retail for the 21st century.