Star Fox Wii U to be launched in 2015, ahead of Legend Of Zelda

Star Fox Wii U to be launched in 2015, ahead of Legend Of Zelda

At the Games Award 2014 event held in Las Vegas on Friday, Nintendo announced that its Star Fox Wii U game will be launched in 2015.

Though the Japanese game maker did not disclose the exact launch schedule of Star Fox Wii U game, it is expected to be launched in summer 2015; ahead of the release of the Legend Of Zelda game - which will be released in spring 2015 - for the company's Wii U gaming console.

With regard to the 2015 release of Star Fox for Wii U, Nintendo legend Shigeri Miyamoto announced: "Starfox will arrive before The Legend Of Zelda next year." In addition, Miyamoto also said that the use of the GamePad in Star Fox Wii U will start to feel "really good."

In reference to the Star Fox Wii U launch next year, an Inquisitr. com report has pointed out that the launch of the game will mark the "first new game in the franchise" after nearly ten years. The last game from the Star Fox series was launched in 2006 with a title Star Fox Command, which arrived on the Nintendo DS platform.

Meanwhile, so far as other forthcoming Nintendo games are concerned, Eiji Aonuma has revealed that Zelda Majora's Mask will be made available on Nintendo 3DS next year. About that game, Miyamoto also said that Nintendo has made several "adjustments" in Majora's Mask, which now "feels pretty good on 3DS."