Samsung and Oculus VR launch new Gear VR device

Samsung and Oculus VR launch new Gear VR device

On Monday, Samsung and partner Oculus VR announced the US availability of a new consumer-ready virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display --- the Samsung Gear VR. The cost of the Samsung Gear VR kit in the US is $200; and it can now be ordered from Samsung's official online store.

The launch of the Samsung Gear VR device comes in coincidence with Oculus VR's another important announcement pertaining to the first official update for the Oculus Store, at which all the VR content will be available for download by the users.

According to a VRFocus report, the Gear VR's premium store will likely be launched in early 2015; with the international availability of the new Gear VR kit also expected to be announced by Samsung and Oculus VR at a later date.

The VRFocus report has also revealed that initially there are 20 titles to sample on the new Gear VR device; with a number of titles to be expanded in the coming weeks and months. The report has also disclosed that the Gear VR is divided into three sections: Games, Apps and Experiences.

The Gear VR head-mounted display is presently supported by only one Samsung handset - the Galaxy Note 4 smartphone and tablet hybrid, which is priced at approximately $800, without a contract.

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