Amazon Prime adds 10 million new customers

Online retailer Amazon shared that the company added 10 million new members to its Prime shipping and digital content over the holiday season.

Amazon has been successful in adding more members to its prime membership which costs $99 per year. Amazon prime offered free two-day shipping, streaming of select songs and movies.

Amazon also shared that 60 percent of the sales registered on its website originated from mobile devices in 2014. Amazon reported strong sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Amazon will offer one-hour shipping of goods bought on its website to prime customers in future. Amazon has been testing delivery of good using drones in select places. The aviation authority has not given a green signal for commercial use of drones.

In an official statement, CEO Jeff Bezos said, "We are working hard to make Prime even better and expanding the recently launched Prime Now to additional cities in 2015."

Amazon’s Fire phone has not been able to generate the sales that CEO Jeff Bezos was expecting. The company recently offered massive discount to improve the sales numbers for Fire phone.

However, many customers might have taken advantage of the 30-day trial. Amazon has been facing tough times this year. The company reported $544 million operating loss in third quarter. The holiday season sales could offer some relief but investors are already expecting lower earnings in the coming quarters.