DWI Court programs being expanded in northwestern Minnesota

DWI Court programs being expanded in northwestern Minnesota

With a recent evaluation of nine existing DWI Courts in Minnesota having highlighted the effectiveness DWI Court programs in helping DWI offenders, the programs are now being expanded in northwestern Minnesota.

Under the expansion, three new DWI Court programs are being opened in Norman, Polk, and Red Lake counties. The opening of DWI Court programs in these three counties is a result of a collaborative effort which involved the local district courts, county attorneys, county sheriffs, county social services, area treatment programs, and Tri-County Community Corrections.

The expansion of the DWI Courts program in northeastern Minnesota is apparently an upshot of the fact that, as per an evaluation conducted by a national research firm, re-arrest rates in offenders who completed DWI Court programs has been found to be up to 78 percent lower than the re-arrest rates for similar offenders who have had to go through the conventional court processes.

In addition, the evaluation also revealed that DWI Court programs help save sizeable amounts of money throughout the justice system, as they reduce recidivism among high-risk DWI offenders.

Specifically speaking, the nine DWI Courts evaluated by the research firm led to an annual saving of $700,000 for taxpayers; with a rate of return on investment made in the programs going up to $3.19 for every one dollar invested.

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