Vince Marrow will join Michigan: Chris Clark thinks

Vince Marrow will join Michigan: Chris Clark thinks

While University of Kentucky assistant football coach & ace recruiter Vince Marrow hasn't yet announced any plans to join Jim Harbaugh's staff at Michigan; No. 1 tight end Chris Clark is confident that Marrow will make the move.

Marrow, who is regarded as a top-flight recruiter, is the tight ends coach at Kentucky. He is reportedly considering an offer from Harbaugh to join his staff at Michigan.

Speaking about Marrow's potential move, Clark said, "If you had to ask me I do think he's going to end up being the tight ends coach (at Michigan). But he hasn't made anything official."

Clark (6-6, 250), is a five-star prospect from Avon, Conn. In June, he committed to Michigan but withdrew that commitment on December 2 when Brady Hoke was dismissed.

Clark added that Marrow had seen his game and he could give the right coaching to develop him into a first-round caliber type tight end. Clark has mentioned Michigan and UCLA as his two finalists.

Marrow has established himself as an influential recruiter in Ohio and led the Cats to a great success in the state. The players he has brought in have been the basis for much of the thrill for the future of University of Kentucky's program under coach Mark Stoops.

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