Mercedes-Benz unveils F015 Luxury in Motion prototype

Mercedes-Benz unveils F015 Luxury in Motion prototype

German automaker Mercedes-Benz unveiled its F 015 Luxury in Motion prototype at the Consumer Electronics in Las Vegas on Tuesday. The new F015 Luxury in Motion prototype unveiled by Mercedes underscores a vision of personal transportation from around the year 2030; thanks largely to its notably high-tech features which will likely be carried over into the production units of the vehicle.

The F015 prototype - which was developed by Mercedes in nearly three years - is a big and complex four-passenger vehicle. It is equipped with a wide array of sensors which facilitate automated driving; and it is outfitted in stunning combination of white leather and pale wood trim.

The doors of the F015 Luxury in Motion prototype open out from the center. Its leather-swathed seats can swivel, creating a futuristic stagecoach-like intimate atmosphere in which all occupants can face each other.

About another impressive feature of the new F015 prototype, Mercedes' Herbert Kohler said that the vehicle has the ability to sense the action which the driver wants to accomplish - like, turning up the heat - simply by tracking his/her eyes.

One more noteworthy feature of the F015 prototype which is likely to port to the production vehicles is the sophisticated pedestrian sensing technology, which enables the vehicle to sense a pedestrian near a crosswalk.