Audi unveils virtual cockpit, piloted driving system at CES

Audi unveils virtual cockpit, piloted driving system at CES

Introducing a new wave of avant-garde automotive technology, Audi has unveiled its virtual cockpit and piloted driving system at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The virtual cockpit unveiled by Audi at the CES is based on the Android platform; and was showcased in a Q7 concept model. The virtual cockpit features Google Earth, street views, and cloud music services; and boasts integration with high speed LED data. All the functions of the virtual cockpit are controllable by voice commands.

With regard to the virtual cockpit, which was showcased in Q7, Audi said that the Q7 will be the first-of its-kind car that will continue to "increase its knowledge;" thanks to its permanent connectivity to the cloud for receiving updated information on a regular basis.

Announcing its piloted driving system at the CES event, Audi said that it is "tantalizingly close" to bringing its piloted car to the market. Revealing that it has successfully test-driven its autonomous car over a 560-mile distance from the Silicon Valley to the CES venue in Las Vegas this week, Audi claimed that its test marked the longest drive of any autonomous car thus far.

Though Audi has acknowledged that it will bring piloted driving system mainstream only after addressing safety concerns and standards for autonomous cars, Audi President Scott Keogh said, in reference to the test drive: "Audi proved that a true turning point for the (autonomous) automobile has arrived."