Including Avocadoes Helps Lower Bad Cholesterol among Overweight People: Study

Including Avocadoes Helps Lower Bad Cholesterol among Overweight People: Study

Researchers have found that heart-healthy diets including avocado help lower bad cholesterol in overweight and obese people. As per researchers, people who have high cholesterol can either go in for medication or can make modifications in their diet plan. Such fats are present in food products such as butter, meat and cheese.

But the new study suggests that a heart-healthy diet which consists of 5-6% of calories from saturated fatty acids can help reduce bad cholesterol.

Penny Kris-Etherton, a nutrition expert at Pennsylvania State University, said, "They shouldn't just add an avocado to their diet, but it would be good if they incorporated an avocado into a healthy diet".

Replacing saturated fats with polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids can lower high-cholesterol levels in humans, said researchers.

And avocadoes are an additional source of monounsaturated fatty acids, and also have additional benefits of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Fiber basically helps a person to feel full for longer duration and also helps to digest slowly.

Researchers for the study selected 45 healthy overweight and obese participants. These participants were told to eat a regular American diet for two weeks.

The participants as told began eating different diets used to reduce cholesterol, which included either a low-fat diet without avocado, a moderate-fat diet without avocado or a moderate-fat diet with one avocado each day.
Researchers found that participants who ate moderate-fat diet with avocado showed the largest reduction in bad cholesterol.

According to Kris-Etherton, such a rate of reduction in bad cholesterol is quite good and is also sufficient to keep the participants away from taking medications.

Kate Patton, a preventive-cardiology dietitian at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, affirmed that avocadoes have some additional benefits as well. For example, people who include avocadoes in their diet feel full and which prevents them from eating other foods during the day.