Detroit Lions’ fans install ‘Lyin’ billboards to express outrage

Detroit Lions’ fans install ‘Lyin’ billboards to express outrage

Adding a visual component to their outrage over the Detroit Lions' recent playoff loss to the Dallas Cowboys, Detroit fans have installed huge digital "Detroit Lyin'" billboards in the city.

The two billboards, installed at highways, try to depict events that happened in the Sunday's Lions-Cowboys game.

One of the two billboards features a Honolulu Blue background and a referee signaling pass interface. Another billboard shows a referee's feet and yellow penalty flag on a football filed.

Tom Carroll, the vice president of the company that deals in the billboard space, said a digital billboard costs nearly $1,000 per week. The high cost is enough to show the extent of outrage of Lions' fans.

Speaking about the billboards, Carroll added, "I'm a longtime Detroit Lions fan. We thought it was a clever idea we wanted to get out there to the motoring public. People are passionate about the Lions."

The Lions 24-20 wild-card loss was partly because of an overturned pass interface call by referee and other officiating oversights that went against the Detroit team.

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