Verizon has no plans to offer data rollover: Fran Shammo

Verizon has no plans to offer data rollover

Verizon Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo has clarified that the telecom major has no plans to offer data rollover. During an interview with CNET, Shammo said that the largest telecom operator will not follow T-Mobile or AT&T to offer data rollover option to consumers.

In the interview, Shammo said, “We are a leader, not a follower.” T-Mobile has managed to improve its userbase as the company offers interesting plans and better features at lower cost. AT&T soon followed T-Mobile with a slightly different approach to data rollover.
Shammo further added that Verizon is willing to let the consumers switch but the company will not start a price war. Verizon announced earnings for fourth quarter as per the market expectations.

Verizon consumers will have to forget about their unused data, at least for the moment. In future, if T-Mobile is able to shakeup the market with its aggressive market, things might change. Verizon will continue to invest in network and will offer better quality service to consumers.

Google is also planning to offer wireless service in partnership with T-Mobile and Sprint. Shammo said that Verizon will closely watch the situation but has not announced any plans to join Google for the project. Shammo also declined to talk about any talks between Google and Verizon regarding a resale agreement.

Today, T-Mobile has announced another interesting program, Smartphone Equality. T-Mobile CEO Legere said that the company will not care about credit scores for loyal consumers and will offer them better pricing and handsets.

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